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Reinventing infidelity: the Gleeden closet

A true symbol of infidelity, the closet is often used as a last resort solution to hide your lover in case your husband comes home early. However, it's also the best way for him to get caught! That's why the experts at Gleeden prepared for the unthinkable, turning an ordinary piece of furniture into the perfect hiding spot.

Air vent

To ensure your health and safety, we use an air vent to keep the ventilation flowing.

Water & food

No need to panic, there's enough water and food for 72 hours in the secret compartment.

Oxygen mask

In case of intense stress, an oxygen mask is also available to help your lover breathe and relax.


Afraid of the dark? Your lover just needs to put on this Head torch to make himself feel more at ease.


To make sure your lover doesn't get bored, he can use the tablet available in the closet: featuring 300 movies!

Plumber outfit

Time to escape? With this plumber outfit, your lover can pretend to be fixing a leak to sneak out.

The closet around the world

Hiding your lover in the closet: a simple and universal solution, observed in every culture around the world. That's why Gleeden decided to tackle this universal symbol of infidelity by turning it into an ally, to make your life easier.


About Gleeden

Gleeden is the first online dating platform made by women for women. It is dedicated exclusively to people who are married or in a relationship and want to indulge in an extramarital affair. Discretion, security, and confidentiality are key. Gleeden answers a real demand, offering a community of like-minded individuals a network where they can be at ease with their desires. With almost 6 millions of members worldwide, Gleeden is a pioneer in the extramarital dating industry.

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